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Tooth Whitening in Stamford

Tooth Whitening

Everyone wants a sparkling white smile. It is so important for our appearance and our self esteem. It is no surprise, then, that tooth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the dental office. The procedures are easy, very affordable, and the results are startling. Although there are several methods that can be used to accomplish the whitening, they all make use of peroxide solutions, which release oxygen, which is the active ingredient that actually whitens the teeth.

There are three ways to whiten teeth: (1) Whitening strips, (2) Take-home whitening kits, and (3) In- office whitening.

(1) Whitening strips are plastic strips that are impregnated with the peroxide and are molded to the teeth to release the oxygen. Each strip is used only once and then disposed.

(2) Take-home whitening kits include a set of thin, comfortable trays that are made to fit over the teeth. A small amount of gel is placed in the trays and worn on the teeth for about 30 minutes a day for a week. This gradually, but steadily, whitens the teeth.

(3) The In-office whitening is accomplished completely in the dental office. After the dentist isolates the teeth from the gum tissue, the gel is placed on the teeth for about an hour. The teeth are whitened very rapidly.

We are available to answer questions about any of the options for whitening teeth and help you to attain the smile you want!

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